Headquarters Joint Operations Command

Project JP 8001 Phase 2B, HQJOC was delivered for operational testing on schedule on 14 November 2008. On time, to the day.

Codarra Advanced Systems engaged to project manage the Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence (C4I) capability for the Headquarters Joint Operations Command (HQJOC) being established at Bungendore in regional NSW. The aim of this project was to integrate the various agencies responsible for the planning and execution of military operations in a state-of-the-art headquarters which is equipped with the world’s best practice command and control systems.

HQJOC image1The HQJOC C4I project was developed in four stages:

Stage 1 - the development of the system specification and preparation of the tender documentation for the role of the C4I Primary System Integrator (PSI). This stage also included significant consultation with the C4I stakeholders and preliminary C4I system accreditation and logistic support activities.

Stage 2 - design approval of the C4I systems and on-going active C4I system accreditation and logistic support activities.

Stage 3 - on-going active C4I system accreditation and logistic support activities. It also included the review and approval of the test and acceptance plans for the active C4I systems.

Stage 4 -  system delivery, installation, test and acceptance. It also included the resolution of outstanding issues, system accreditation and project closure.

In addition to the primary tasks above, Codarra developed a database to assist in management of this project, provide the Communications Security (COMSEC) custodian role for all cryptographic and key material and undertook the systems integration of some network and audio-visual elements.

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