As a result of our experiences over our 24 year history Codarra often provides an independent voice to help train people or to assess and review documents, projects programmes, portfolios and organizations. 

The capabilities able to be provided to other organisations include:

  • Provision of entire Program Management Office
  • Provision of entire Project Management Office
  • Program Management process review
  • Project Management process review
  • Tender response assistance
  • Organisational process review

Examples of where Codarra has provided the benefits of its experience to assist organisations improve include:

Headquarters Joint Operations Command (Joint Project 8001 Phase 2B)

Providing the Project Management Office, Codarra managed delivery of the Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence (C4I) capability for the Department of Defence. This project involved the integration of various agencies responsible for the planning and execution of military operations in a state-of-the-art headquarters which is equipped with the world’s best practice command and control systems. This role was undertaken for more than a three year period.

Large Government Agency

Over the past three years Codarra has provided support to the Projects area within a large Federal Government agency that have included maturity assessment, critical project reviews as well as support to workforce planning to help ensure that the agency can maximise the benefits of the next generation technologies for the relevant Australian industry. 

Gateway Reviews

Codarra also has certified Gateway reviews that operate under the auspice of the Victorian Gateway review program and we also have a fulltime member, soon to be two people, in the Defence Materiel Organisation’s Gate Review program.

Department of Defence

Codarra has conducted a range of reviews, either as part of a Commonwealth team or an independent team to review the efficiency and effectiveness of processes relating to programme and project activities. The reports have focused on an assessment of the current maturity and effectiveness of the assessed processes as a basis for subsequent recommendations to assist the organisations in achieving their desired goals.

Tender Preparation

Providing others with the benefits of its staff significant experience and expertise in dealing with Defence and other complex projects, Codarra routinely is asked to assist companies with complex tender response. This is particularly the case with information and communications technology where the experience gained from the conduct of projects such as the Headquarters Joint Operations Command (HQJOC) Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence (C4I) project. This project involved the system integration of over 64 systems and 200 applications.