Digital Train Radio System

Melbourne’s metropolitan rail network is set to receive a new digital trail rail system (DTRS) that will provide much more reliable communications than the UHF radio system that it replaces. In addition the system can provide data capability and assured delivery of SMS’s and has the future capability of reporting train position to the rail control system.

The DTRS uses a dedicated digital mobile phone network, with base stations positioned along tracks, with fixed and portable handsets located in each train cab.

Nokia-Siemens Networks won the $152m contract to build the system, and engaged Codarra as Systems Engineeringexperts. Codarra’s support included:

  • preparing an Operational Concept Document
  • planning for test and evaluation
  • managing system and design reviews
  • managing requirements traceability and change control

The most important objective for the DTRS system is to ensure safety of the train system by providing reliable communications. To ensure that the system would operate when required, Codarra also conducted a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) assessment and a Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Assessment (FMECA).

Codarra can provide these services to aid you in getting the right system to meet your needs.