Codarra Advanced Systems

Australian project management and systems engineering company with a mission to help it’s customers acquire successful solutions ​

Codarra Advanced Systems (Codarra) is an Australian project management and systems engineering company that supports projects in both the public and private sectors. The company has provided services and solutions to its customers for the past 24 years and has been recognized with a number of awards for excellence.

Codarra has a primary focus on information and communications technology and land systems technology.

Codarra’s mission is to help its customers acquire successful solutions – that is, solutions that fulfill their business requirements and that are delivered in a timely manner. The way that Codarra helps its customers has three threads. Codarra provides professional services to support a customer’s project, Codarra transfers skills to our customers through our training courses and Codarra develops hardware and software solutions.

The professional services span project management and a number of fields of engineering such as communications, mechanical, software, security, logistics, and networking.

The solutions that Codarra provides are diverse. Codarra has the capabilities to design hardware, software and integrate various subsystems into a complete system. Codarra has developed a number of robotics vehicles and uses these to support its R&D which is conducted in support of our solution and product development activities.


Our services include project management of new applications along with engineering in a number of specialties including communications, mechanical, software, security, logistics, and networking.



Codarra’s systems engineers are also specialists in their professional domains, including aerospace engineering; communications and IT and military vehicle engineering.


System Integration and Solutions

System integration is the realisation of system engineering processes into a product. This builds upon the individual skillsets, such as mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, software development and project management to delivery a system of greater value than its constituent parts.


Business to Business

As a result of our experiences over our 24-year history, Codarra often provides an independent voice to help train people or to assess and review documents, projects programmes, portfolios, and organizations.


Electrical Loads Analysis (ELA)

Codarra Advanced Systems has developed software to measure electrical loads on transportation platforms.

AVATAR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The AVATAR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was designed to provide short range ‘over-the-hill’ or ‘around-the-corner’ reconnaissance. Images were to be transmitted to ground forces in real-time to aid tactical planning and decision-making.

SILVERBACK Unmanned Ground Vehicle

SILVERBACK possesses video surveillance and audio communications that combines with its manipulator arm to distinguish it from other passive surveillance platforms.