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Codarra Consulting

• Codarra's Approach

Codarra's systems engineers are also specialists in their professional domains, including aerospace engineering; communications and IT and military vehicle engineering.

• Research and Development

Codarra has invested heavily in research and development over the last five years. Our engineers enjoy the challenges of new research areas and seek out innovative approaches to the complex problems that often confront them in this environment.

• Software Development

Codarra's team of software engineers have a wide range of software development skills and expertise. The team has developed a diverse range of applications over the last six years.

• Project Management

Codarra Advanced Systems that provides professional programme and project management services, training, certification, consultancy and support services

System Integration And Solutions

• Capabilities

System integration is the realisation of system engineering processes into a product. This builds upon the individual skillsets, such as mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, software development and project management to delivery a system of greater value than its constituent parts.

• Case Studies

The development of a number of surveillance systems through the integration of commercial-off-the-shelf equipment.

Business To Business Help


• Capabilities

As a result of our experiences over our 24-year history, Codarra often provides an independent voice to help train people or to assess and review documents, projects programmes, portfolios, and organizations.

• Case Studies

Codarra Advanced Systems engaged to project manage the Command, Control, Communications.
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